About Me

Engineer, Traveller, Technologist & Geek

Trail Walking Mat

Mathew Jenkinson isn’t your average guy. Being British and having travelled the globe he has developed an appreciation for the wider world and different cultures.

Armed with a toolbox, a sense of humour and curiosity for life, he has lived all over the world, including: Great Britain, United States of America and Australia.


After escaping the clutches of school, he began life at the University of Surrey, studying Entrepreneurship in IT, Technology and Business. While studying Mathew was given the opportunity to partake in an international year, moving to the University of Cincinnati. For his placement year, he worked at ‘Applied Implant Technologies’ – a company who designs and manufactures Silicon Ion Implantation machines. Mathew graduated in 2008.

Passion for learning, inventing, engineering

Since a young age, he has been fascinated with engineering and invention. From chemistry sets that led to Biodiesel and Lego that led to house building, he has a thirst for knowledge and the desire to explore new projects and ideas. From learning to blow glass to home-curing bacon, he has always looked forward to learning something new.

Sustainability & Renewability

For many years now, Mathew’s focus has been sustainability. Developing products such as solar powered backpack and engineering systems such as Biodiesel plant has helped him to further his knowledge of sustainable development and give him an understanding on the impact an individual can have on a community. Currently his home office is powered solely by batteries recharged by solar cells. He is always looking a new project’s that drive sustainable development to the next level.

Wider world

Mathew currently lives in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. He keeps chickens and Bee’s, brews beer & wine and enjoys hiking cycling and playing hockey. In 2012 he produced over 15kg of Honey and trekked 100KM in 28 hours 47 minutes in the name of Oxfam Trail Walker.

Curious Chicken


Technology is a big part of Mathew’s life, he currently works for Twilio (Twilio.com), as a technology engineer.

Mathew regularly posts on this site with technology guides and how-to’s with inspiration from customers who need simple solutions to complex problems.

Mathew’s github can be found at: https://github.com/dotmat