So I’ve discovered that after formatting some SD Cards for use with some ARM based devices means that the card is left unformattable and unable to be read or reused. Whenever I went too format the card using Windows Disk Utiltity or Mac Disk Utility it would fail and tell me the media was not ready. Futher investigation let me to discovered that some of the images I was using start writing the image to the file at 8 or 16 bytes, leaving the 1st sector unformatted with the uboot image.

So I found on the SD card Association website a tool that formats SD Cards to make them useable again.
The link to the page is:
SD Card Formatter
SD Card Formatter For Windows
SD Card Formatter for Mac OS

Greetings! To a new and updated website!
This website is the new and much needed refresh to the Mathew Jenkinson Dot Co Do UK webspace. It brings new features such as updates via my mobile phone, tagging, rss and photo galleries. This new exciting roll out makes use of wordpress as the core frame work and represents a shift in focus from my writing of code & showcasing of technical websites to my presenting of projects, ideas and achievements.

To give you a bit of history from now (7th Aug 2012) I (along with some others) participated in Oxfams Trailwalker – a 100KM trek starting from portsmouth and finishing in Brighton along the south downs way. This walk was indeed epic and by the end of the walk we were all truely broken. The blog for the walk can be found at:

Some of the highlights too the walk are:

The gang before we set off!

The team in full stroll

Saskia and a well needed sitdown

Getting Close to the end! Spot the celebrator in the background

The end certificate and finish! Yay!

As you can see my departure from the cyber world hasnt been in vain.