Making Xcode 6 work with GitLab

So for months of my development I’ve wanted to host and use a GitLab Droplet on Digital Ocean ( Using the server works great for all my projects bar, ANYTHING xCode! The hours spent screaming at a bit of software “… But the Password is correct you stupid f*$ker, AHHH!!!!”

Up to this point, I had taken to using Xcode to locally manage the git repo for a particular project, which worked well but didn’t allow me to swap machines, pass code to friends or do anything close to what GitLab can to in term of backup and team management.

Eventually I came up with the idea of initialising the Git settings for a project and was going to push all the updated code / changes to GitLab using terminal. Ie, write all the code / project in Xcode, then close Xcode, launch terminal and then push from terminal to GitLab. But then, after I had setup a project directory, added the information needed to connect it to my git: “git init” and then “git remote add origin [email protected]:MyUserName/GitRepo.git” and had done the initial commit and push.

I went into Xcode, created a new project, navigated to the same directory and Xcode proudly told me that a git repo was already in use! See screenshot:

Git Repo Already Exists

Git Repo Already Exists

Clicking ok, and moving on with the rest of the project settings I can now push, commit and update all information FROM Xcode to my GitLab projects.

I hope this helps lots of people who struggle with GitLab / Xcode interrogations, from looking at forums and how-to guides. It seems a lot of people current struggle.